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Fire Trucks

Stopping for Emergency Vehicles

This video, produced by the Ohio Bar Association, offers tips on yielding to emergency vehicles. For the full fleet safety tip, click here.

Pull Over and Stop

A Loveland (Colo.) police officer offers advice on yielding to emergency response vehicles. You may want to pass this along to fleet drivers as a friendly reminder. For the full safety tip, click here.

Pierce Manufacturing Recalling 724 Trucks

WASHINGTON – Pierce Manufacturing, an Oshkosh subsidiary specializing in custom fire and rescue apparatus manufacturing, is recalling 724 trucks because of a potential problem with the Meritor Wabco electronic stability control modules.

E-One Recalling 80 Fire Trucks

WASHINGTON – Fire rescue truck manufacturer E-One is recalling 80 model-year 2010 and 2011 vehicles because of a potential problem with door handle mount brackets.

Strange, but True Stories: Trial by Fire

These "Strange, but True" stories were sent to Automotive Fleet by fleet managers, drivers, and fleet management companies. Have a strange, but true story? Something so incredible it couldn't have been made up? Share your stories with Automotive Fleet. E-mail: