August 2018

Cover Story

Fleet Crashes Flat Year Over Year

Despite being flat, crashes are still a problem for fleets, and data reported for the 2017 calendar-year has identified some of the biggest obstacles.


How Ford Manages Commercial Sales in the West

Don Borthwick (center of rear row) leads a 10-person team that includes eight strategically...

As Ford’s head of commercial sales for the Western region, Don Borthwick manages a massive territory that is filled with a variety of heavy industries and that rely upon trucks, vans, and his team’s expert counsel.


Q&A: LeasePlan’s Corporate Transformation

Jeff Schlesinger and Felipe Smolka discuss LeasePlan’s business transformation roadmap...

Since the start of its business transformation strategy 18 months ago, LeasePlan USA has assembled an all-new leadership team. The business is addressing three key mega trends: the transition to subscription services, digitalization and zero-emission mobility.