GLENVIEW, IL - Navman Wireless North America announced the addition of enhanced vehicle grouping to its OnlineAVL2 vehicle tracking and logistics system to support the reporting needs of larger fleets. Groups and subgroups can now be created and viewed by region, vehicle type, business unit or any other parameter, enabling highly segmented reporting that equips managers with vital information for controlling costs and optimizing operations in their respective domains.

The upgrade includes a built-in permissions system that allows report access to be assigned at any level from subgroup up. Users with the appropriate privileges can run reports by group, group hierarchy or individual vehicles within a group, while executives can roll up reports for multiple groups or the entire fleet.

"Larger fleets require advanced vehicle grouping capabilities to generate reports by region, business unit, leasing customer or other categories. They also require the ability to limit report views to specific users," said Renaat Ver Eecke, vice president, Navman Wireless North America. "Our new Enhanced Vehicle Grouping establishes OnlineAVL2 as one of the few automatic vehicle location products capable of addressing these needs."

The upgrade is the third recent OnlineAVL2 enhancement designed to help large fleets establish cost, fuel and vehicle usage controls through detailed analysis of vehicle and driver performance. The Executive Summary report introduced earlier this year consolidates key performance indicators for multiple vehicle groups and/or an entire fleet on a single screen, while the Out of Service report identifies underused vehicles based on travel distance and ignition time thresholds.

All upgrades are included with new product purchases at no extra charge and provided free to current customers, either on request or during the next scheduled automatic software update.

OnlineAVL2 is a GPS-based vehicle tracking and logistics system that tracks all vehicles in the fleet in real time to facilitate efficient dispatch, captures extensive data by both vehicle and driver, and automates processes such as generating time sheets. The software's comprehensive reports can identify problems such as excessive idle times and non-compliant driver behavior that can be remediated to trim costs. GPS location information is provided by the companion Qube tracking base installed in the vehicle. The product line also includes the Mobile Data Terminal (dispatch and messaging) and M-Nav (dispatch, messaging and GPS) units for in-vehicle use.

The Navman line is rapidly gaining market share for its ability to yield significant savings for fleet operations. One 42-vehicle fleet is saving more than $70,000 per year in time and fuel, for example, by using OnlineAVL2 to optimize delivery routes. Other benefits include reduced driver overtime, quicker return times enabling drivers to be utilized in the warehouse, and faster vehicle reloading through Geofence-based alerts that allow manifests, invoices and loads to be waiting when a returning driver arrives.

About Navman Wireless

Navman Wireless is a global provider of real-time vehicle tracking solutions and OEM GPS solutions. The company's products, led by its Qube satellite tracking device and OnlineAVL2 vehicle tracking software, give users full visibility and control over their vehicles and mobile workforces. With systems installed in more than 100,000 vehicles owned by over 7,000 customers worldwide, Navman Wireless is based in Glenview, IL, and maintains facilities in Foothill Ranch and Pleasanton, Calif.; Keele, England; Singapore; Auckland, New Zealand; and Sydney, Australia. Visit for more information.