Eight OEMs are backing CCC's OEM repair service.
 - Photo via Pixabay.

Eight OEMs are backing CCC's OEM repair service.

Photo via Pixabay.

Eight original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) representing more that 73% of vehicles sold annually in the U.S. have signed on to participate in a new service designed to enhance vehicle repair and safety called CCC OEM Care.

With advances in technology, vehicles are becoming more and more complex which is why CCC Information Services Inc. (CCC) is debuting CCC OEM Care, a suite of solutions that support OEM certification programs and enable collision repairers, insurers, and auto manufacturers to collaborate on safe, quality repairs.

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Hyundai, Nissan, Volkswagen, and Honda are among the OEMs that have embraced the CCC OEM Care concept.

Simply put, vehicle complexity has changed the way vehicles get repaired, leading more OEMs to pursue repair certification programs. OEM Care solutions help auto manufacturers promote their certified repair networks, encourage a consistent approach to vehicle repairs, gain insight into certified repair shop performance, and help OEMs work with any CCC shop to alert their drivers to critical product recalls.

Automakers can now leverage CCC’s platform services, which are in use by 24,000 repair shops to write 24 million estimates and perform 16 million repairs annually. OEM Care also connects OEMs with 350 auto insurers.

Specifically, the OEM Care Solution Suite includes:

Shop Locator connects participating OEMs, insurers, and repair shops, making it transparent to all parties which repair shops carry OEM certification, and enabling the promotion of those shops to consumers (via Carwise) and auto insurers (via the CCC ONE platform).

Network Dashboards provide OEMs with a tool that provides the necessary insight to optimize the performance of their certified-shop networks across a variety of key metrics, including cycle time and customer satisfaction.

Checklists allow OEMs to share their program parameters with shops, which can use Checklists to standardize and document the highly variable repair process to track quality and completeness against a dynamic set of variables.

Recall services allow OEMs to share open safety-related recall data with collision repair users of the CCC ONE platform who can help identify affected vehicles as repairs are being made and deliver an OEM's custom instructions to consumers on the steps they need to take to resolve the recall.