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Photo via Pixnio.

Nearly one in 10 drivers admitted to fixing their appearance behind the wheel, but women outdid men with 11% saying they engaged in the risky behavior versus 4.7% of men, according to a new survey from

The professional services company surveyed over 2,000 American adult drivers about their riskiest driving habits and compiled the data in Finder's Safe Driving Report 2018.

According to the report, 138 million American adults have admitted to driving while distracted. While both genders engage in risky driving habits — gender sometimes plays a role in which behaviors they choose.

For example, while women groom more often while driving, men are more likely to speed — with 31.9% of male drivers reporting they drive over the speed limit compared to 28.4% of female drivers. Men are also more likely to drive under the influence, with 3.5% men admitting to this risky behavior versus 2.5% women. A greater number of men — 18.9% versus 17.2% of women — said they drive while fatigued.

However, when it comes to cell phones, gender doesn't make much of a difference. Both sexes are equally culpable, with 45% of females and 44.8% of male drivers admitting to talking on cell phones behind the wheel. Moreover, 16.0% of women and 16.7% of men surveyed admit to texting.

Overall, women are more likely to concentrate on their driving than men, with 42.8% of women drivers saying they don't get distracted behind the wheel, compared to 38.4% of men.

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