Photo courtesy of OnTerra.

Photo courtesy of OnTerra.

OnTerra Systems has introduced a new, free route planning software buying guide for managers of small to mid-sized fleets.

This new route planner buying guide covers the most important information business and non-profit fleet managers need to make the right purchasing decision when shopping for route planning software tools.

The guide includes an introduction to route planning software, how route planning software actually works, the benefits of using route planning software, industries that should be using route planning software, route planning software buying tips, RouteSavvy route planning software highlights, case studies on how much time and money, and how RouteSavvy is saving its users.

Managers of small to mid-sized fleets need a route planner with the most important functions that yield the most bang for the buck for saving time and money without overloading fleet managers with unnecessary, overly complex functions. They also need route planning software that's affordable, easy-to-use, and doesn't involve a lot of tech time or maintenance, according to the company. 

This new free route planner buying guide helps businesses, non-profits, and individual sales professionals involved in pick-ups, deliveries, or sales calls make educated buying decisions, according to the company.

This new, free buyer's guide is available for download here.