When the Tehran International Motor Show opened, it brought together over 200 vehicles from nearly 30 brands from around the world. The show was the first one in Iran after the international community lifted sanctions.

Photo: Chery

Photo: Chery

Chery MVM was among the members of the international automotive manufacturing community taking part in the show.

Chery MVM has the third-largest market share in Iran, behind two state-owned enterprises-IKCO and SAIPA. With the lifting of sanctions on Iran, the Iranian market will have additional opportunities and face stiffer competition.

“This requires us to promptly improve our capacity and compete with better products and services,” said Zhang Guibing, general manager of Chery MVM. “This is a challenge as well as an opportunity to Chery. Since its entry into Iran in 2004, Chery has kept launching quality products and services. With 12 years of accumulation, we believe that Chery will achieve greater success in Iran. Chery MVM’s presence with models including Tiggo 5 fully shows Chery’s confidence in this market as well as its brands and products.”

Chery said it will increase its investment in Iran, including working out a plan for industrial park construction with an added output of 100,000 units.