DHL Express was certified as a Top Employer in 12 African markets at the Top Employer 2016 ceremony in Johannesburg in early October. This is the second consecutive year that the company was certified as a Top Employer in Africa by the Top Employers Institute, highlighting the importance that DHL places on employee engagement and development, according to the company.

Annual international research undertaken by the Top Employers Institute recognizes leading employers around the world that provide outstanding employee conditions, nurture and develop talent throughout all levels of the organization, and strive to continuously optimize employment practices, according to the company.

DHL Express has been certified as Top Employers in twelve of their local markets including Angola, Botswana, Ethiopia, Gambia, Ghana, Kenya, Madagascar, Mauritius, Mozambique, Nigeria, South Africa and Uganda.

Hennie Heymans, managing director of DHL Express Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA), said these certifications reaffirm that the company is on the right track to being an Employer of Choice and a rewarding place to work.

The company said it has implemented many initiatives to motivate employees – one of which is the Certified International Specialist (CIS) program, which Heymans refers to as a “game changer.”

“CIS is a cultural change program and revolves around four attributes: Speed, Can-Do Attitude, Right First Time and Passion. Everyone from the Global CEO or our couriers have gone through this training program which reinforces our core competencies. This program has been central to employee development and retention,” he said.

An extension of the CIS program is the Certified International Manager (CIM) program.
“This focuses primarily on ensuring that our leaders have the correct balance between IQ and EQ, and have the right leadership and social skills to lead tomorrow’s workforce,” said Heymans.

Other employee recognition and engagement programs include the annual Employee Opinion Survey, Employee Appreciation Weeks aimed at celebrating and recognizing employees’ achievements within each country, and regular recognition schemes, such as the Employee of the Quarter/Year.