A British security consultant living in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is advocating that private and commercial fleet vehicles be fitted with devices to monitor speeding and erratic driving, according to a report in The National.

Other transport and insurance experts agree with this advice, according to the report.

Journey data loggers record speed, the use of lights and indicators and other driving patterns, allowing motorists who drive safely to reduce their car insurance premiums. A sensor or accelerator can be programmed to flag excessive force in braking, acceleration or on impact. When a device is operational, it informs the driver about his driving style and deters risky driving, according to the report.

The devices could serve several purposes in fleet management, safety and traffic data collection. Car makers can use them to inform drivers when repairs are needed, according to the report.

Speed is monitored and for those who accelerate and brake sensibly and stay within speed limits for the first year, an insurance discount will be available. The data could be stored on a central server for all registered insurance companies to access, according to the report.