Photo: Scania

Photo: Scania

Scania is taking the lead in wearable technology – the growing trend for fusing fashion and high tech – with a smart wristwatch that communicates with trucks. Scania Watch is a simple way of collecting information on variables including fuel consumption, driving efficiency and average speed. It can also be used to receive email, text message and phone call notifications, according to the company.

Mattias Lundholm, Head of Scania Connected Services and Solutions, said the use of wearables is still in its early stages and market awareness is low. “However, we see exciting opportunities for connecting a wristwatch to the essential information obtainable from a truck’s technical systems, as well as to data from our system for real-time monitoring and analyses of truck fleets,” he said

Scania has developed the watch together with Sony Mobile.

“We wanted to develop technology that allowed the Scania Watch to truly serve as a friend of the driver," said Scania’s Project Manager Jonas Svanholm. "Existing fleet management apps have primarily targeted transport companies and fleet operators. The Scania Watch, combined with the new app, takes the technology one step further and helps the driver in his or her daily work.”

The first version is being launched as a limited edition of 999 watches, called the Black Griffin. Scania will continue to develop the device, improving usability and adding new functions via software downloads, according to the company.

“We hope future versions will include functions such as providing information on the driver’s pulse rate,” Svanholm said. “This will open up a range of health and safety services for drivers.”