Photo of MV-1 courtesy of Mobility Ventures.

Photo of MV-1 courtesy of Mobility Ventures.

Mobility Ventures announced that its MV-1, a vehicle designed for passengers using wheelchairs, has successfully completed an updated series of crash tests and met all safety requirements established by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

“Mobility Ventures is pleased to report that the MV-1 continues to meet or exceed the federal safety and crash test standards currently in effect for new passenger vehicles,” the Indiana-based manufacturer said. “The number of successful crash tests performed on the MV-1 to date exceeds 50.”

The MV-1 was crash-tested and certified with all accessibility features installed. Mobility Ventures recently completed successful crash tests on 17 vehicles at varying speeds, angles and positions in accordance with federal safety regulations for new passenger vehicles.

“Our MV-1s are designed with a focus on passenger safety, factory-built to rigorous specifications, and tested and certified to meet government crashworthiness s ndards,” said John Walsh, vice president for sales and marketing for Mobility Ventures, a subsidiary of AM General.

The MV-1 includes an ADA-compliant side-entry ramp design and meets all applicable Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards direct from the factory with no further modifications required.

“Additionally, the MV-1 is more durable and cost-effective to own and operate than a traditional retrofitted van or bus,” Mobility Ventures said.

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