Logicorp Transportation has adopted Spireon's FleetLocate Asset and Trailer Intelligence telematics system for its fleet of mostly dry vans for deliveries between Mexico and the United States.

Logicorp operates a door-to-door delivery fleet of 400 vehicles and 850 trailers from two Texas offices in Laredo and McAllen and offices in Mexico. The logistics company operates some refridgerated vans.

"Our customers' freight is very time-sensitive, with products that have a limited shelf-life and automotive parts that need to go into production lines," said Abraham Sosa, vice president of sales operations.

With FleetLocate's Trailer Management Platform, Logicorp now has more real time visibility of all their trailer locations, and trailer pools, with reports generated every 10 minutes. The company has provided its customers with access to this information on its website, the company announced in a release.