ZENRIN DataCom, a Japanese location and navigation technology provider, acquired Singapore-based INFOTRACK TELEMATICS PRIVATE LTD in early July.

According to the company, through this acquisition, ZENRIN DataCom will accelerate expansion of its B2B location-based business, which includes a fleet tracking system, starting in India and emerging Asian countries and moving to the Middle East and North Africa.  As part of the acquisition, ZENRIN DataCom will become majority owner of CERT INFOTRACK TELEMATICS PRIVATE LTD, based in Bangalore, India.

INFOTRACK has a rapidly growing business operating in India and South East Asia, and boasts a solid customer base that includes logistics, transportation, and BPO companies, and maintains strength in the development of GPS-based solutions for enterprises and the provision of maintenance services, according to ZENRIN.

ZENRIN DataCom released its Navigation Service (B2C) in India in January 2013, and now expects to expand its B2B location-based businesses as well. Currently, India is seeing a dramatic increase in location based businesses, and ZENRIN DataCom aims to strengthen and expand its businesses based on skills and development capabilities which have been cultivated through extensive experience in Japan.