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Photo by Artonic

Getting the right upfit for the job is a big deal, since getting it wrong can jeopardize safety, increase costs, and can inhibit the work that needs to be performed. While it’s critical to get what’s inside the vehicle right, what’s outside the vehicle matters, too. Graphics let customers know who you are when you pull in the driveway. They serve as a rolling advertisement when the vehicle is enroute. And they represent your brand in a (hopefully) positive way.

But adding graphics can also add time and frustration to the upfit process. You have to find a graphics provider. You have to manage two timelines. And you have to hope that the provider will be ready to do the work when your upfit is ready. In other words, the process can get complicated, and it can delay the arrival of your vehicles.

So how do you simplify it? Fortunately, this comes down to one simple step: choosing the right upfit partner.

Choose an Upfitter with a Graphics Solution in Place

When it comes to adding graphics, the main headache is the disconnect between the upfitter and the graphics provider. When you’re in the middle of two disconnected companies, you’re stuck managing two timelines that can seem out of your control and that may not work with each other.

What if you could step away from the role as go‐between and let the two companies work directly with each other?

The need for a single solution is why Adrian Steel formed Distyll Graphic Solutions. Distyll offers a simpler way to create, execute, and maintain fleets’ graphic requirements. This “One Solution” approach combines upfit and graphics to deliver a simplified customer experience to get fleet vehicles on the road. By integrating planning, production, and installation, the One Solution approach reduces complexity, guarantees performance and offers a simpler, more flexible alternative for graphics.

“Adrian Steel and Distyll Graphics partner together to provide a complete solution for fleets. As subject matter experts in the fields of vehicle upfitting and graphics we saw the value of connectivity and a streamlined approach to safer, smarter, and more productive fleets,” said Katie Groves, Adrian Steel National Fleet Sales Manager. “This single‐solution approach ensures that our customers experience a simple and effective planning process, best‐in‐class operations, and guaranteed performance.”

How Does Having a Single Upfitter + Graphics Solution Benefit Fleets?

When fleets have a team that includes both the upfit and graphics providers, they get a number of direct benefits without additional costs:

  • Reduced time and effort. You don’t have to spend time searching for a graphics provider, vetting their capabilities, and getting bids. You’ll also get improved communication and planning between supply partners so you’re not spending time coordinating between both parties.
  • Convenience. Instead of managing two timelines and following two companies’ processes, the experience will feel like working with a single company.
  • Eliminate delays. Because the upfit and graphics work along the same timeline, you’re not shedding time waiting for another company’s work schedule to begin. This eliminates delays caused by a lack of connectivity between disconnected supply partners and, overall, typically reduces the time it takes to get road‐ready vehicles.
  • On‐time delivery. Pre‐planned coordination significantly improves the odds that vehicles will be ready to go on the desired date.
  • A focus on your needs, not theirs. Having a single upfitting/graphics solution shifts the focus to the customer’s needs rather than the needs of two individual companies.

“Just like Adrian Steel, Distyll’s goal is to provide simplified and convenient solutions to complex processes and business challenges for their clients,” Groves said. “They focus on serving the clients’ needs, instead of what is convenient for the graphic manufacturer, which unfortunately can often be the case. Distyll leverages industry experience and operational excellence in manufacturing, so our customers get the right solution for their needs on time.”

Distyll Partner Jason Butchart said the customer’s needs are always top of mind. “Our approach is built around the goal of taking a complex process and providing fleets a streamlined and user‐friendly experience,” he said. “Our goal is to provide a more flexible, responsive, and efficient way to create custom graphics solutions for regional and national fleets.”

Why Adrian Steel + Distyll?

Adrian Steel formed Distyll Graphic Solutions to give fleets the experience of working with two highly reputable companies all in a single solution: Adrian Steel has a successful track record refining just‐in‐ time manufacturing with the most consistent delivery in the industry, and Distyll brings more than 75 years of experience developing customized graphic programs for the largest fleets in the country.

“The strategic partnership between Adrian Steel and Distyll was built on a common mission to extend additional value to clients,” said Jeff Warnecke, VP of Sales & Marketing at Adrian Steel. “Merging industry experience with best‐in‐class manufacturing will benefit clients through more flexible, innovative, and responsive solutions for fleet operators.”

When fleets work with Adrian Steel and Distyll they get:

  • Streamlined solution planning, management and communication led by a dedicated team
  • Reduced risk with a single source responsible for quality and on‐time delivery
  • Cost savings gained through operational efficiencies

“We keep a close eye on projects, monitoring the critical path and key milestones toward on‐time delivery by communicating with you on the development and order process,” Groves said. “This integration drives better planning throughout your entire program.”

Butchart said Distyll’s integration with Adrian Steel delivers for fleet customers. “We complete projects accurately, efficiently, on time and on budget — and we are committed to anticipating fleet needs and exceeding our customers’ expectations,” he said.

To learn more about how Adrian Steel and Distyll can simplify the process for adding graphics to your upfit click here.