Nauto's predictive-AI vehicle safety tech is estimated to reduce distracted driving events and...

Nauto's predictive-AI vehicle safety tech is estimated to reduce distracted driving events and collisions up to 80%.

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Nauto, a provider of AI-based vehicle safety technology for commercial fleets and the automotive sector, announced in a statement the addition of new partners to its channel program and a new Nauto Essentials subscription that enables fleets to accelerate their adoption of Nauto's predictive-AI vehicle safety technology. With the addition of Brandmotion and Advantage Asset Tracking, Nauto now has 15 channel partners across fleet management companies like Donlen, leasing companies such as Orix, and resellers through the partnership with Geotab Marketplace.

"Today's driver has never had more distractions at their fingertips," said Jay Rampuria, chief revenue officer of Nauto, in the statement. "Now, more than ever, it's imperative to improve driver and roadway safety by getting predictive collision warning technology into as many fleets as possible. Partnering with Nauto means teaming up with the market leader in AI-predictive safety. Strong partnerships mean more growth and greater success. We're thrilled to be expanding our offerings and creating value for partners with the Nauto Essentials subscription level."

According to Berg Insight, the installed base of video telematics systems in North America and Europe will exceed 8 million units by 2026. Through Nauto's channel program, partners can now resell Nauto's predictive-AI vehicle safety tech and reduce distracted driving events and collisions up to 80%. For fleets with limited resources, the Nauto Essentials subscription provides in-vehicle alerts and fleet safety reporting designed to automatically encourage safer driving without manager involvement and help prevent collisions while respecting driver privacy.

"We are excited to be working with Nauto and to offer their leading AI safety technology to our customers," added Andrew Kopecki, president of Advantage Asset Tracking. "The new Essentials Subscription allows us to get both old and new fleets up and running quickly with predictive-AI technology that can have near immediate impact on risk reduction." 

"Vehicle safety technology continues to evolve helping to keep drivers alert while they are behind the wheel," said Randy Read, co-founder of EnVue Telematics. "With its superior and highly precise AI, Nauto can help change driver behavior with the in-vehicle alerts and can avoid potential collisions. It's an incredible game changer with respect to road safety and fleet performance ROI."

Nauto AI-Safety Technology Available Through Channel Partners

Photo: Nauto

Nauto's AI technology tracks and analyzes risk in real-time, and when it detects risks, provides preventative warnings that may give drivers extra time to respond. Nauto's tech is trained on about 1.3 billion AI-processed driving miles to make alerts more accurate, helping to eliminate issues around alert fatigue from false alerts. Nauto's in-vehicle alerts and AI-informed driver coaching address over 90% of weighted collision risk factors, as identified by the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute.

"With skyrocketing distractions on today's roadways, we're seeing high demand from customers for a safety solution that is easy to integrate into existing fleet vehicles," said Jeff Varick, CEO of Brandmotion. "The demonstrated effectiveness of Nauto's predictive-AI tech and the added safety it provides to fleet drivers makes it an ideal solution."

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