Lytx has released a new suite of tools for its Lytx Driver App to help busy drivers do their jobs better while keeping them safe.  -  Photo courtesy of Lytx

Lytx has released a new suite of tools for its Lytx Driver App to help busy drivers do their jobs better while keeping them safe.

Photo courtesy of Lytx

Lytx Inc. has launched a new suite of tools on its Lytx Driver App to help drivers boost efficiency, compliance and safety.

With Lytx Driver App, drivers use their Android or iOS devices to track and improve their on-road performance with minimal fleet manager input or intervention. The latest series of driver-centric tools on the app were designed to help busy drivers reduce stress, stay positive and motivated — all while keeping them safe, according to the company.

The suite offers a host of features that drivers can use when they are not behind the wheel. For example, the latest tools include self-coaching, performance metric tracking, route risk management, and ELD compliance management, to name but a few.

The objective is to give drivers access to tools that empower them so they excel at their jobs. That, in turn, can translate to better engagement, more job satisfaction, lower turnover, and safer driving — allowing fleet operators to focus more on running their operations rather than monitoring individual drivers or technicians in the field.

Here are some of the key features, especially those focused on safety, that are included in the new suite:

Self-Coaching: Leveraging video-playback capabilities, drivers can track their individual performance and focus on driving improvements where they need it most.

Performance Metrics: Drivers can access performance trends over a 90-day period, which gives them the ability to track their progress, proactively address new risks, and celebrate improvements.

Driver Recognition: The Lytx Driver App also allows drivers to compare their performance to others, and managers can use the data to set up recognition programs for outstanding safety performance, right within their Lytx Account.

Route Risk: This critical safety feature helps drivers avoid or manage potential roadway hazards. It alerts drivers to slowing traffic, crashes, inclement weather, pedestrian crossings, children playing, wildlife crossings, and other potential dangers. Lytx’s database has analyzed more than 50 million accident reports representing 10 years of crashes across the U.S. to highlight potential hazards. Route Risk is currently available on iOS only.

ELD Compliance: With the intuitive Lytx Driver App, drivers can easily record ELD HOS status and complete vehicle inspections from their tablets or smartphones. The dashboard and driving log make it easy for drivers to see when they are on or off duty as well as when they are due for a break — which is critical to avoid fatigue and drowsy driving.

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