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Articles covering fleet safety programs, reinforcing positive driver behaviors, and the pandemic were some of the top read safety items on Automotive-Fleet.com. This year was the most challenging year in the history of the industry, with safety remaining a perennial obstacle for fleet managers.

Here are the top 10 things readers selected as being the top safety articles on Automotive-Fleet.com:

  1. Tips to Reduce Fleet Driver Exposure to COVID-19
  2. How Fleet Management Companies are Addressing COVID-19
  3. Working Through COVID-19: A Delivery Fleet’s Perspective
  4. Practicing Social Distancing After an Accident
  5. COVID-19 Disruption: Fleet’s Greatest Challenge Ever
  6. Evolving Best Practices for Fleet Safety Programs
  7. More Fleets Making ADAS Tech Mandatory
  8. Changing Fleet Driver Behavior to Create a Corporate Safety Culture
  9. A Comprehensive Approach to Sanitizing Transported Vehicles for Driver Safety
  10. Top 5 Risky Behaviors for Distribution Drivers

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