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Total Fleet Maintenance Costs Flat in CY-2020

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Plan Your Routes to Optimize Your Operations

Plan Your Routes to Optimize Your Operations

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Plan Your Routes to Optimize Your Operations

With constant customer changes, backtracking, and off-route stops, companies can’t rely on traditional route planning. Seasonal volume spikes, rising fuel costs, sudden long-term traffic issues, and numerous resource emergencies can easily tamper with traditional routing. Fixing these errors takes more than guesswork and manual planning, as it’s nearly impossible to find the time and resources to manually and constantly reroute trucks.

In this white paper, you will learn how strategic planning can help you:

  • Optimize territory mapping to prevent overlap and balance daily work loads
  • Create predictable service schedules to ensure on-time deliveries and improved customer service
  • Perform business exploration to compare multiple business scenarios, and easily forecast the implications of business changes
  • Automate your rerouting process and eliminate manual processes for seasonal and yearly resource planning
  • Set customizable business rules to create plans for customers who have multiple service types and business goals


By Omnitracs