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Dealer Leasing: What's It All About, an interview with Fred Miller of Miller Leasing

More and more car dealers are entering the automobile leasing business, an area not restricted to domestic car dealers. Fred Miller, as a strong example, is a Quality Datsun Dealer located in Van Nuys, California, who began his own auto-leasing business in 1967.


What Automobile Leasing Is Not

Leasing is not a panacea. But it should be considered, weighing its advantages vs. disadvantages.


Leasing... The Chrysler System Way

Automotive Fleet talks with Herb Wood, Manager of the Chrysler Leasing System, and presents to its readers an in-depth look at this unique organization and its activities.


"Leasing Is A Way of Life"

Leasing's phenomenal growth has seen many industry-wide changes in the last few years. Today, faced with recent interest rate increases and generally lower resale values which affect leasing's profit picture and account relations. AF interviewed Armund Schoen, seeking realistic answers to the many complex problems now current in the leasing field.


The Composite Fleet Manager

Many business concerns have found that owning their own fleets of cars results in the diversion of too much executive time from the primary business interests of the company.


New Leasing Co. Formed In Chicago

The company, Litsinger-Bell Leasing Co., expects to lease between 5,000 and 6,000 vehicles in 1964.


Why Leasing Companies Go Broke

John W. Rollins cites eight reasons why many newcomers to the leasing field are going broke. His reasons are vital to all leasing operators and those considering entry since they have a bearing on the entire industry.

"Our goal is 300 dealers," says Larkin. "The profits in leasing depend on strict control of costs."


Jim Larkin of Ford on Leasing

Says Ford's Jim Larkin, "Leasing is so big no one can ignore it."

Sam Lee


Leasing-Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow: Top Lessors Talk About Leasing

Sam Lee, Hubert Ryan, Armund Schoen, Harley Howell, John Rollins, and HF Brey talk about the viability and future of leasing.

Research and Best Practices

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Fleet Leasing and Management

From the Automotive Fleet Fact Book

Leasing Surveys And Whitepapers

Fleet Managment Insight: ELD Mandate

Understanding the basic principles surrounding the Electronic Logging Devices (ELD) mandate and how to meet its compliance standards.

Sustainability Best Practices

In the world of fleet management, corporate governance and governmental mandates often require a fleet to focus on sustainability as a key objective.

Turning Fleet Data Into Applied Strategy

There are five keys to success in transforming fleet data into successful fleet strategy. In short, success depends on the right combination of people and process.

Reimbursement vs. Leasing

At some point, every fleet faces an important choice: administer a reimbursement program or offer company-provided vehicles. This whitepaper will help you understand your options.

Sustainability Initiatives

In today’s economy, companies are constantly striving to identify opportunities that optimize their return on investment. As a result, saving money is at the forefront of every fleet manager’s mind.

Improving Efficiencies in Government Fleets Infographic

Cloud computing and big data are powering real-time vehicle monitoring in systems that capture a wealth of actionable information.

Cash Flow Management in Financing Vehicles Infographic

There are three key areas where managing your fleet can improve overall cash flow: lease options, maintenance and fuel products.

International Accounting

New accounting standards for leasing transactions are coming down the pike in 2018-19 and they will impact every company and organization with lease agreements.

Focused Fuel Cards

Corporate and government fleets have a number of purchasing options available to them to manage their fuel consumption and spend.

Harnessing Big Data

Today’s connected fleet generates a constant stream of data from the many activities involved in successful fleet operations.

Fuel Best Practices

In our ever-evolving landscape, optimizing cost-efficiency is one of the paramount priorities of a Fleet Manager.

A Leasing Guide For Fleets

While open-end lease structures are widely accepted in the U.S., this eight-part guide breaks down the advantages of closed-end leases and how this structure can improve your company's image and bottom line.

Selecting an FMC

3 Keys to Identifying a Flexible, Stable and Creative FMC.




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Fleet Incentives

Determine the actual cost of owning and running a vehicle in your fleet. Compare vehicles by class and model.


Fleet Tracking And Telematics

Todd Ewing from Fleetmatics will answer your questions and challenges

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Fleet Management And Leasing

Merchants Experts will answer your questions and challenges

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