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Average Business Mileage Reaches 65% of Pre-Pandemic Levels

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More Salespeople on the Street Pitching Reimbursement

Reimbursement has re-emerged as a fleet issue. One reason is that Runzheimer has a rival, which means two competitive sales forces are aggressively selling vehicle reimbursement programs. Also, the recession, corporate downsizing, funding/credit constraints, OEM viability, and economic uncertainty have renewed senior management's desire to re-examine reimbursement.

Personal Use of Vehicles Still High, but Decreasing

In a survey of 385 businesses, 68 percent permit personal use of company vehicles. However, that number has declined greatly since 1983, as companies seek to reduce their liability during non-business hours.

Survey Shows Over Half of Top Executive Have Perks

Special provisions or perquisites are enjoyed by over half of top executives, according to the 1998 Survey & Analysis of Financial treatment of Executive & Business Vehicles, published by Runzheimer International.

How to Manage a Government Fleet

Here's some thought-provoking examples of ways that government fleet managers economize their operations, stretch equipment cycling periods, maximize returns on resales, and generally get more for every dollar spent.

AALA Talks Shop at 1985 Meeting

"'Business as usual' would be a blessing!" one leasing exec confided over cocktails. In truth, the comment sums up the current mood of the automotive leasing industry.

Gasoline Costs Climb 215%

From 1936 to 1975 the cost of gasoline rose 215% (from 19.1 cents to 60.1 cents per gallon) in 10 United States cities.