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United Kingdom

UK Fleet Registrations Continue 2019 Slide

True fleet registrations in the United Kingdom dropped 9.3%, and registrations in the total market were down by 3.4%, with the negative declines expected to continue along with the current nervous buying sentiment until Brexit has concluded.

Europcar Adds Electric Citroën Vans into its Fleet

Europcar Mobility Group U.K. is adding 100 Citroën Berlingo Electric vans into its fleet due to increasing interest in zero-emission vehicles for last mile deliveries and van fleets in areas of the United Kingdom.

UK Fleet Registrations Continue Slide

Fleet registrations in the United Kingdom rounded out 2018 by declining once more in the month of December, and posted a 1.1% drop versus the same time last year due in part by the new WLTP emissions standards.

UK Fleet Registrations Down 7% in November

United Kingdom fleet registrations saw a 7% drop, continuing a several month slide month slide witnessed by other European countries, which was partially the result of the Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure (WLTP).