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Wholesale Auction Business Grew 4.6% Last Year

Wholesale auctions sold 9.8 million vehicles worth $100 billion in 2016 with the majority coming from dealer consignment, according to the National Auto Auction Association (NAAA). The association has been surveying its members for 20 years.

Top Fleets, How Do You Measure Up?

For the past 56 years, Automotive Fleet has been the go-to resource for the fleet industry, working tirelessly to publish the most accurate and up-to-date information possible. Now we’re asking help from our readers to continue this long tradition of service to the fleet industry by taking a few minutes to complete a short questionnaire.

60% of Americans Unaware of Electric Cars

About 60% of Americans remain unaware of battery-electric vehicles and 80% have never driven or ridden in one, according to a new survey from Altman Vilandrie & Co.

How Much are Flat Tires Costing You?

Automotive Fleet’s flat tire survey has been extended to Friday, Sept. 1. The survey is designed to help fleets get a better idea of how much flat tires are costing them.

Find Out Where Your Top Fleet Stands

Continuing in its ongoing tradition to benchmark the top fleets in the industry, Automotive Fleet is asking fleet managers to complete a short questionnaire about their fleet operations.