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Illinois Boosts Penalty for Distracted Drivers

Illinois drivers who cause an accident resulting in an injury of another person because they were using a cell phone or electronic device behind the wheel will be subject to a penalty as high as $1,000 beginning in July 2020, reports KHQA.

Hauling Cannabis and Cash: New Fleets Serve Exploding Industry

With recent cannabis legalization, new commercial fleets are springing up to transport pounds of marijuana and hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash. Navigating wildfire growth, ever-changing regulations, and federal illegality, it’s a fast learning curve for these new cannabis entrepreneurs — the legal ones, anyway.

Maryland Expands Move Over Law

Transportation, service, utility, and waste collection vehicles are now protected by the expansion of Maryland's Move Over law.

Lowering State-Law BAC Thresholds

Steven M. Teutsch of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine makes a case for lowering state BAC thresholds for DWI violations. Teutsch, who is an adjunct professor at UCLA, also discusses other measures to reduce alcohol-related crashes. Video courtesy of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine via YouTube. For the full story, click here.