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Global Congestion Costing Commercial Drivers

The cost of traffic congestion increased in 2016 to an average of $1,400 for U.S. drivers, as congestion worsened in Los Angeles, which has become the most congested city in the world, according to the Inrix Traffic Scorecard.

Collapse of Oil Prices and Ruble Devaluation Negatively Impacting Russian Fleet Market

The Russian economy is in a recession, with the gross domestic product (GDP) shrinking 3% in 2015. This economic downturn is widespread, with output falling in key sectors of the economy. The overall fleet demand in the Russian market is down, primarily due to the volatility in the exchange rates for the ruble and its impact on new-vehicle pricing.

Diesel GAZelle Next Debuts in Russia

GAZ Group, a company of Basic Element, one of Russia’s largest diversified industrial groups, has launched the GAZelle Next with a diesel engine with increased power and torque.

Western European Vehicle Markets Up, China Down

The international automotive business showed positive growth in Europe and the U.S. in July. Western Europe expanded by nearly 9 percent, and growth also continued in the U.S. (up 5 percent). China, by contrast, recorded a fall of almost 6 percent.

Europe, U.S., China Car Sales Show Strong Growth

Three large automotive markets supported global automotive growth during the first half of 2015, led by Western Europe, according to research by the German Automobile Industry Association (VDA).