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Road Rage

Joe McKnight, a former NFL running back, was shot to death Dec. 1 during an apparent road rage incident in a suburb of New Orleans. Jefferson Parish Sheriff Newell Normand offers a few details during the early stages of the homicide investigation. Video courtesy of For advice on how to avoid becoming a road rage victim, click here.

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Road Rage in L.A. Area

This video from CBS 2 Los Angeles offers details and footage of a recent freeway road rage incident in Glendale, Calif. For safety tips on how to deal with aggressive drivers, click here.

Safety Tips for Dealing With Road Rage

With road rage incidents on the rise in some areas, fleet drivers need to become aware of how to respond to other drivers showing aggression. Here's a report from News4JAX (WJXT) in Jacksonville, Fla.

Diffusing Road Rage

This video, produced by the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office, offers tips on how drivers can prevent road-rage incidents. For the full safety tip, click here.