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Fleets continue to use tried and true methods to curb fuel spend, but as technologies evolve and new trends arise, staying on top of new developments in the industry becomes essential as well.

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Telematics rEvolution: Beyond the Vehicle

Connected-vehicle technology touches nearly aspect of fleet-based businesses. Plug in to discover all the ways big data, systems integrations, and new and exciting features are driving safety, efficiency, and productivity for automotive fleets.

Fleet Best Practices for Saving Money at the Pump

Despite the recent trend of inexpensive gasoline and diesel prices, fuel continues to be among the top spend categories for fleets. Subject-matter experts share strategies to save money that transcend prices.

Winning Over Drivers When Rightsizing

Rightsizing a fleet, whether it means reducing the number of vehicles or transitioning to smaller, more fuel-efficient models, can create resentment and frustration among drivers, causing them to resist the initiative.