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Red-Light Cameras

Police in Albany, N.Y., Explain Red-Light Camera Rules

Albany, N.Y., is launching its red-light camera program this week, joining hundreds of other U.S. communities that have such traffic enforcement programs in place. This video from News10 ABC offers tips on how to avoid a citation. For a list of communities that have red-light camera programs, click here.

Pa. Police Warn About Red-Light Violation Scam

A new phishing scam attempts to collect money to pay for bogus red-light violations in Pennsylvania. The emails are made to look like they're from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. Here's a video report from CBS 21 News.

Chicago's Shorter Yellow Lights Bolster Red-Light Ticketing

This ABC News video report explains how slightly shorter yellow-light intervals at some Chicago intersections bolstered red-light ticketing during a six-month period -- until a Chicago Tribune investigation exposed the practice. 

CEI: Camera Violations Pose Fleet Liability Threat

Fleets that don't make red-light, speed, or school bus stop arm safety camera violations part of their drivers' safety profiles are running the risk of multi-million dollar liability costs, according to The CEI Group, Inc.