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20 Nominees Vie for 2013 Professional Fleet Manager of the Year Award

This year’s group of highly qualified nominees manages a total of more than 166,000 vehicles and has a combined 335 years of industry experience.

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Top Reasons to Use Telematics

By setting clear goals; utilizing forward thinking; and performing detailed, initial analysis, telematics can easily help increase driver productivity, promote safer driving, and maximize fleet dollars.

Who Are the REAL Fleet Managers?

There is a striking disparity among the nation’s keepers of fleets. A study of the demographics and personal profiles provides interesting answers.

Creativity and Consistency Are Key to Managing Executive Fleets

While executive fleets are becoming smaller, they offer unique challenges for fleet managers. Solving them involves creativity and consistency.

PepsiCo Commits to Reducing GHG Emissions

The food and beverage company committed itself to an absolute reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions across its global operations, with a goal to reduce fuel-use intensity by 25 percent per unit of production by 2015.

Fleets Set Out to Cut GHG Emissions

Fleets have implemented a number of strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Ten proven examples are highlighted.

GREEN FLEET: Real-World Strategies: A Blueprint for a Greener Future

As more regulations are put in place to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the “going green” movement continues to expand, here are a few strategies fleets have used to green their operations.

Green Fleet: PepsiCo Expands Hybrid Fleet

PepsiCo has cut fuel costs and reduced overall greenhouse gas emissions since tripling its hybrid fleet in 2007.

Personalities Shine Away from Work

New and well-known industry figures reveal their personal sides as they discuss favorite hobbies, share their dreams, and offer a few words of wisdom.

Green Fleet: Frito-Lay Augments Fleet with Higher-MPG Sprinters

Frito-Lay’s addition of 1,200 Sprinters nationwide is part of parent company PepsiCo’s focus on resource conservation.