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PARS Logistics App Provides Real-Time Innovation

PARS mobile driver app allows fleet managers and fleet management companies to see real-time order updates from the minute a vehicle is picked up or delivered.

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PARS Headquarters Tour

Automotive Fleet Editor Mike Antich visited the PARS company headquarters in early October, where met with leaders of the vehicle transportation company. Read more here. Photos by Mike Antich.

Ways to Retrieve Company Vehicles from Ex-Employees

Proper communication between various fleet stakeholders is key to preventing instances in which a former employee is unable to return a company vehicle.

Recovering Vehicles from Terminated Employees

Retrieving vehicles from terminated employees can present a seemingly daunting challenge to fleet managers, but transport companies can help fleets overcome any obstacles to safely and securely recover the company’s vehicles.

Car Haulers Address the Capacity Challenge

With the upswing in the economy, times are good for the car hauler industry. But, the 2008-2010 recession left the industry with significant challenges that need to be overcome.

PARS' Approach to Complex Fleet Transport

PARS' strategic approach to fleet vehicle relocation continues to evolve since its inception in 1998 by marrying technology and service to give its customers the best of both worlds.

PARS Celebrates 15 Years in Auto Transport

PARS (Professional Automotive Relocation Services Inc.) is celebrating its 15th year in business as a leading provider of automotive transportation and logistics services.

Vehicle Transportation: What's the Right Choice?

While there is no single best way to transport a fleet vehicle, there are criteria that fleet managers can use to determine the best method for an individual move.

9 Mistakes to Avoid When Playing 'Musical Cars'

Many of those millions laid off during this recession’s corporate downsizings drove company cars. The process of reassigning vehicles retrieved from terminated employees can lead to errors. Here’s how to avoid them.