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Nissan Pathfinder

2019 Nissan Pathfinder Rock Creek

Nissan's Pathfinder Rock Creek, which is available on SV and SL, provides additional customization and a potential perk for a sales-based business driver.

Nissan's 2019 Pathfinder Rock Creek

Nissan has added the Rock Creek edition to its 2019 Pathfinder to allow buyers to include a few upgrades and customization that still offers some value, according to the company.

Nissan Adds Rear Seat Alerting Tech

Nissan is rolling out a rear-seat alerting system that uses the vehicle's horn to remind drivers to check the rear seat after parking their vehicle, Nissan has announced.

2018 Nissan Pathfinder Priced at $31,765

Nissan's three-row Pathfinder SUV adds automatic braking on all models and a rear door alert for 2018, while adding $500 to reach a starting retail price of $31,765, after a mild refresh in 2017, Nissan has announced.

Nissan Tech Reminds Drivers to Check Rear Seat

Nissan has developed Rear Door Alert, a system designed to remind drivers that they may have forgotten something, or someone, in the backseat. Video courtesy of Nissan. For the full story, click here.