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Mothers Against Drunk Driving

Congress Considers Requiring Drunk Driving Tech

New proposed federal legislation would require all new vehicles to be equipped with advanced detection technology that would passively detect whether the driver is alcohol-impaired before he or she starts the engine.

NHTSA's Campaign to Halt Impaired Driving Targets Labor Day

The National Highway Traffic Safety Association has launched its 2019 national impaired-driving enforcement campaign, which includes a $13 million media blitz that runs through the Labor Day holiday weekend, which is one of the deadliest times of the year for roadway travelers.

Ignition Interlocks Helping Lower Drunk Driving Fatalities

In-vehicle breathalyzers have halted alcohol-impaired drivers from starting their engines over 3 million times in the past 12 years, according to data collected from 11 ignition interlock manufacturers and evaluated by Mother's Against Drunk Driving (MADD).

Maryland's Ignition Interlock Bill

This video report from WJZ CBS 13 News highlights renewed efforts to pass an all-offender ignition interlock law in Maryland -- a legislative goal that has drawn support from Mothers Against Drunk Driving. To learn about MADD's new report on ignition interlock devices, click here.