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Ford’s 2010 Models to Improve Fuel Efficiency 20%

DEARBORN, MI - Ford's EcoBoost engine, which produces up to 20-percent better fuel economy and 15-percent fewer CO2 emissions, will be available on the 2010 Ford Flex, Taurus SHO, and Lincoln MKS and MKT.

Ford Announces 2010-MY Incentives

DEARBORN, MI - Ford Motor Company has announced fleet incentives for several 2010-MY Ford, Mercury, and Lincoln vehicles. Incentives range from $500-$5,500.

Detroit Is Soft-Peddaling the Muscle Market

Once considered the great white hope of the auto industry, Detroit this year is soft pedaling the muscle market. Chrysler is a notable exception. But even so, the emphasis on youth orientation seems to be fading.