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IHS Automotive

Age of Vehicles Reaches 11.6 Years

The average age of light-duty vehicles on U.S. roadways increased to 11.6 years this year, and registrations climbed 2.4% to 264 million, according to IHS Markit.

YTD Commercial Truck Registrations Fall 4.2%

The number of commercial vehicles in GVW Classes 4-8 registered this year through August fell 4.2%, mostly due to a steep decline in Class 8 over-the-road trucks, IHS Automotive has reported.

Autonomous Vehicle Sales to Reach 21M by 2035

Nearly 21 million autonomous vehicles will be sold globally by 2035, according to IHS Automotive, which also predicts the U.S. will lead the world in initial deployment and early adoption of self-driving vehicles.

Service Fleets Registering Most Vans

Service fleets added the most commercial vans among non-rental entities in 2015 for parcel delivery, HVAC, heath services and other sectors, according to new data from Ford and IHS Automotive.

Women Fueling Lincoln's Growth

Lincoln's expanded lineup of luxury SUVs has struck a chord with female buyers, who have been gravitating to the brand, according to new data from IHS Automotive.

Used Class 3-8 Vehicle Values End 2015 Strong

Used commercial vehicle transactions of GVW 3-8 vehicles were just over 176,000 units during the last quarter of the 2015 calendar year, up 14.3 percent from the same time period in 2014 calendar year.