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Fuel Cell Vehicles

Hyundai's Nexo Fuel Cell SUV to Launch This Year

The Nexo will initially be available in California as a Blue trim model with an estimated driving range of 380 miles and the Limited trim, which will offer a range of 354 miles, according to Hyundai.

Hyundai's New Fuel-Cell SUV Has 307 Miles of Range

Hyundai unveiled its all-new fuel cell EV (FCEV) SUV, the Nexo, which has an estimated range of 370 miles with a five minute fueling duration, and offers a host of new automated driving technologies.

Maxwell Draws $7.01M Contract for Hybrid System

SAN DIEGO - The United States Advanced Battery Consortium LLC (USABC) has awarded Maxwell Technologies Inc. a $7.01 million cost-shared technology contract to develop an advanced energy storage system for power-assist hybrid electric vehicles.

Mercedes-Benz to Showcase Fuel-Cell EV in Global Tour

DETROIT - Mercedes-Benz will commence its "F-Cell World Drive" on Jan. 30, showcasing its B-Class F-Cell vehicles and demonstrating the company's fuel-cell technology. The F-Cell World Drive will last 125 days, crossing four continents and the widest variety of climate zones.