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Weekly Gasoline Prices Remain Steady

A gallon of regular unleaded inched higher for the week that ended on May 6 by increasing 1 cent to $2.89, and fleet drivers in the majority of states saw flat or lower prices at the pump.

Gasoline Prices Reach 2019 High Point

The national average price of a gallon of regular unleaded increased 4 cents for the week to $2.88, which marks a new high for 2019, according to AAA.

Gasoline Prices Stabilize at $2.84 Per Gallon

Regular unleaded increased 1 cent to $2.84 as the nation's gasoline prices plateaued after several months of increasing prices due to the shift to higher-cost summer-blend gasoline and more unplanned refinery maintenance, especially on the West Coast.

Weekly Gasoline Prices Spike 10 Cents to $2.83

Pump prices increased 10 cents to $2.83 per gallon for the week with the West Coast taking the brunt of a nearly 20-cent increase as refinery maintenance is causing tighter gasoline supply, according to AAA.

Gasoline Prices Continue Upward Thrust

Regular unleaded moved sharply higher to $2.69 per gallon for the week ending April 1, which is now 44 cents higher than it was on Jan. 1, according to AAA.

Gasoline Prices Keep Spiking Higher

The national average for regular unleaded jumped 8 cents to $2.62 per gallon on March 25, as gasoline prices continue to move sharply higher to a level last seen in the middle of February.

Gasoline Spikes to $2.54 Per Gallon

The national average price of regular unleaded jumped 7 cents to $2.54 for the week, as a result of a recent trend that has been demand climb higher and supply fall, according to AAA.