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Deer-Vehicle Collisions

Video: Safe Driving Practices During Deer Season

In many parts of the country, driving becomes more dangerous from October through January. That’s because it’s deer breeding season and meeting a startled animal on the road can be a frightening experience that can easily lead to a collision, injuries and even a fatality.

Deer Crashes on the Rise in N.C.

North Carolina is experiencing a spike in deer-vehicles collisions, with Wake County seeing the greatest number of these crashes for the 11th straight year. Video courtesy of WNCN/CBS.

Dealing With a Deer Collision

You're about to collide with a deer crossing the road. So what should you do? Video courtesy of USA Today. To read about the latest State Farm deer crash claim study, click here.

Safety Tip: Avoiding Deer-Vehicle Crashes

This is the time of year when deer increasingly wander onto roads. State Farm offers advice on how to prevent deer-vehicle crashes -- and how to limit damage when a collision is unavoidable.

Deer-Vehicle Crashes Rising

Deer-vehicle crashes are on the rise, according to the latest claims data from State Farm. Video courtesy of WLFI News 18. For the full safety tip, click here.

Beware of Crossing Deer

It's deer mating season, which means there's a higher likelihood for deer-vehicle crashes. There's also a greater risk that drivers will veer into oncoming traffic in a misguided attempt to avoid hitting a deer. Here's a report from News 10 ABC in Albany, N.Y. For the full fleet safety tip, click here.