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Collision Avoidance Technology

NTSB's Most Wanted Safety Policies

The National Transportation Safety Board has released its Most Wanted List of transportation safety improvements for 2017-2018. These recommended policy priorities include eliminating distractions, reducing fatigue-related accidents, and increasing implementation of collision avoidance technologies. Video courtesy of NTSB.

Essential Safety Technologies for Fleets

As vehicle manufacturers shifted their focus to safety, there has been a steady influx of vehicle safety technologies such as lane departure warnings, rear view cameras, and blind spot warning systems.

2017 Ford Fusion Adds 20 Driver-Assist Features

The 2017 Ford Fusion offers 20 driver-assist features, including adaptive cruise control with stop-and-go technology. These added safety features aid drivers in their daily commutes, as they navigate urban traffic.

LIDAR's Role in Future Vehicle Safety

Frost & Sullivan recently completed a study on OEM strategies for using LIDAR technology in active safety systems and automated driving. In this video, Frost & Sullivan Resarch Manager Praveen Chandrasekar summarizes the study's findings.