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Suffolk County Community College Hires Automotive Business Instructor

Arthur Kappel, CAFM, is an adjunct instructor at Suffolk County Community College in Selden, N.Y., where he teaches automotive business.

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Pedestrians React to 'Driverless' Van

Ford and Virginia Tech recently teamed on a research project aimed at learning how driverless vehicles might communicate and interact with other road users. The Ford Transit Connect used in the experiment wasn't really driverless, but it sure looked like it was. Video courtesy of Ford. For the full story, click here.

What Looks Like a Driverless Van Really Isn't

How will other drivers respond when they discover they're sharing the road with a driverless vehicle? A researcher from the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute dressed up as a car seat to find out. Video courtesy of CNN and

Australia's First Large-Scale Naturalistic Driving Study to Commence

The Transport and Road Safety Group (TARS) at Australia’s University of New South Wales will facilitate the implementation of the country's first large-scale Naturalistic Driving Study (NDS).

Australian Fleet Management Association Members Complete Australia's First Graduate Fleet Qualification

The Australasian Fleet Management Association (AfMA) that three of its member fleet managers have completed Swinburne University's Graduate Certificate in Business Management (Fleet Management).

The Future of Fleet Managers

Student involvement in NAFA helps develop the fleet leaders of the future — and benefits their role models, too.