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AFLA Conference

Sponsored by Merchants Fleet, the Fleet Visionary Award recognizes new voices in fleet management. The Fleet Visionary Award is open to any fleet professional with 10 years or fewer in the industry with a commercial fleet of 50 vehicles or more.

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2019 Fleet Hall of Fame Nominees

Fleet hall of fame nominees have fleet careers that have impacted the fleet management profession. Three individuals selected this year will ultimately join the 81 members of the Fleet Hall of Fame.

Purple Heart Winner to Give Opening Keynote at AFLA

Mary "MJ" Jennings Hegar, a former U.S. Air Force pilot who ran for U.S. Congress in Texas, will give the opening keynote address at the Automotive Fleet Leasing Association's 2019 conference in September.

Registration for AFLA 2019 Opens

Registration for the 2019 Automotive Fleet & Leasing Association Conference has opened, and will be celebrating its 50th year anniversary.

AFLA Details Mini-MBA Curriculum

The Automotive Fleet and Leasing Association has revealed curriculum details for its week-long, fleet focused mini-MBA program later this year, which will kick off with a day focused on business strategy formulation and implementation.

AFLA Reveals 2019 Event Schedule

The Automotive Fleet and Leasing Association (AFLA) has scheduled several events for 2019, including the association’s Mini-MBA Program.