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Almost 47,000 Citations Issued During Operation Safe Driver Week
FMCSA Wants to Delay State Compliance with Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse
Increasing Safety Through Telematics
Strong Safety Culture, Technology Help High-Risk Fleets Improve Safety
Data Can Help You Manage a Safer Fleet, but It's Not a One-Stop Solution
Global Telematics Market to See Growth Over Next Five Years
Meeting the Challenges of Safely Operating an Urban Fleet 
Truck Accidents Continue to Rise

Truck Accidents Continue to Rise

Overall, accident rates are continuing a steady rise, with many leaning toward technology in the hope of reducing rates.

December 6, 2018

Are You Loading Your Box Trucks Safely?

Are You Loading Your Box Trucks Safely?

When the truck stops, safety doesn’t. Consider floor weight reinforcement, slip prevention, cargo management, and ramp safety strategies to avoid injuries and workers’ comp claims.

November 23, 2018

Expert to Show Marijuana’s Effect on the Brain While Driving
Fleet Safety Conference Session on Vehicle Tech Brings Together Agencies and Attendees
NTSB Explains How Video Recorders Could Have a Major Impact on Safety
How a Vocational Fleet Reduced Unsafe Driving Events by 52%
Better Safe Than Sorry

Better Safe Than Sorry

As technology progresses further, it will be interesting how the increasing connectivity and the internet of things (IoT) impacts vehicle safety features.

July 2, 2018