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NEW 2019 Fleet Tracking Trends Report

NEW 2019 Fleet Tracking Report

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NEW 2019 Fleet Tracking Trends Report

Fleet Tracking and data-driven decisions have become an integral part of fleet management. But is this technology effective and what's the adoption rate?

Verizon Connect partnered with Bobit Business Media to survey fleet professionals from across all industry segments to determine adoption rates along with the impacts this technology is having on fleet operations.

Read the 2019 Fleet Tracking Trends Report to find out:

  • Which industries have the highest adoption?
  • Are expected goals being achieved?
  • Is ROI being achieved in a reasonable time — or at all?
  • Where do you stand in comparison to your peers?

This benchmarking study will help you compare your experiences and identify whether your fleet operation is technologically behind or ahead of the curve.

By Verizon Connect