Protect and Enhance Your Brand with Vehicle GPS Tracking  

Building a positive brand image is incredibly important to most businesses. It’s how customers recognize and remember you! Along with ensuring your brand is recognized for the right reasons, it’s also important to avoid getting noticed for the wrong ones. No matter how much budget or strategy you allocate to marketing, if drivers are being reckless on the road or using company vehicles where and when they shouldn’t be, that is the impression that will stick.

Read the article to learn how fleets use the technology to:

  • Gather accurate feedback about driver behavior instead of relying on “How My Driving” stickers.  
  • Prevent unauthorized use of company vehicles that represent the brand in the wrong way.
  • Achieve sustainability initiatives by taking control over excessive idling, route inefficiencies, and infrequent maintenance.
  • Enhance customer experience by providing diligent and consistent service to their customers.  

By GPS Insight