Cummins Inc. announced a global branding strategy at its annual meeting Tuesday, designed to make it easier for customers to do business with Cummins worldwide.

"By creating clarity and consistency with the Cummins brand worldwide, our external audiences will better recognize who we are and what sets Cummins – and our customer experience – apart from every other brand," said Tim Solso, Cummins chairman and chief executive officer.
"The timing is right for this branding initiative," Solso continued. "Over the last five years, the company has been reshaped into a company we are calling 'The New Cummins' – a company that is less cyclical, more diversified, more results-oriented and continuously committed to turning a greater share of its sales into profits.
"To ensure that The New Cummins achieves top-of-mind awareness among all potential customers, partners and stakeholders," he added, "Cummins is launching a stronger, more unified branding strategy that reflects a stronger, more diversified Cummins."
The New Cummins branding strategy unites all businesses and products under the Cummins brand name and leverages the power of the colors of red and black to give the traditional Cummins logo a bolder look and feel. This provides a stronger, more recognizable Cummins brand identity that will be applied globally and across all business units.
Effective immediately, new Cummins business descriptors will be standardized under the new branding strategy, as follows:
Cummins Emission Solutions
Cummins Filtration (formerly Fleetguard)
Cummins Fuel Systems
Cummins Generator Technologies (formerly Newage)
Cummins Power Generation
Cummins Turbo Technologies (formerly Holset).

Originally posted on Trucking Info