The NAFA Foundation will conduct a first-ever comprehensive survey of OEM fleet services and programs. The industry-wide survey will be mailed in October and will involve fleet managers from large and small fleets across the United States and Canada, who will be able to score and rank the quality of services offered by DaimlerChrysler, Ford, and General Motors. The study will be the first in a series of annual fleet customer satisfaction studies that the NAFA Foundation will conduct to allow vehicle manufacturers to benchmark their service offerings vis-a-vis other manufacturers, according to Jim Anselmi, president of the NAFA Foundation. DaimlerChrysler's Chris Cortez, Ford's Jerry Frick, and GM's David Hansen have expressed enthusiastic support for the project, and urge every fleet manager to participate. The new study will save time for fleet managers (who previously received separate studies from each manufacturer) and will establish new head-to-head benchmarks to identify areas for strengthening fleet customer satisfaction. "We believe that good feedback on satisfaction levels from our fleet customers on our products and services, our processes and our people is essential to continuous improvement," said Frick. "I personally would like to encourage all fleet managers to respond candidly to every question," said Hansen. "We will use data and information gathered by this study to shape the way we do business." "I look forward to this year's combined survey," said Cortez. "And I would like to ask our customers to take this time to fill out one survey, rather than three, so that we can continue to improve where you most need us to." BI, based in Minneapolis, which recently earned the Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award, will be implementing the study for the NAFA Foundation.