TORRANCE, CAAutomotive Fleet magazine’s Editor Mike Antich blogs on a range of fleet industry topics each year with the goal of looking ahead at factors that can affect fleet costs and operations.

Fleet managers were interested in a wide range of topics covered in the blog this year, from reimbursement to fleet management practices globally.

The list below shows the top 10 most-read blog posts written by Mike Antich in 2012.

Why Certain High-Tech Firms Favor Reimbursement

Total Fleet Cost is Proportional to Fleet Size

Top Fleet Maintenance Trends for 2012-2014

Report Identifies Possible Cause of Corrosion in Systems Storing and Dispensing ULSD

New Liability Exposure: Employee Drivers Using Medical Marijuana

Global Fleet Management: There are More Similarities than You Think

Regulatory Activism Adding Administrative Burden to Truck Fleet Managers

Reduced Idling = Reduced Emissions

Drivers are the Weak Link in License Plate Disposition

Fleet Policy vs. the Second Amendment