BATON ROUGE, LA – An internal study by Cellcontrol found that more than 50% of inquiries from fleet managers showed that they were more concerned with laptop and tablet use while driving than cell phone use. Cellcontrol said its customers manage fleets in a range of industries, including professional services, energy, and transportation services.

“Mobile devices like tablets and laptops are one of the most overlooked products when it comes to distracted driving and more attention and enforcement should be considered by businesses that have mobile employees, regardless of whether or not they’re using a company owned vehicle,” said Kevin Coppolino, Vice President Corporate Development. “These types of mobile devices not only take a driver’s complete attention off the roadway, making them more of a distraction than a cell phone, but can also become a projectile in an accident, causing additional injuries if the devices are not properly secured.”

Cellcontrol also noted a recent National Highway Transportation Safety Administration report found that 10% of all fatal accidents in 2010 were caused by distracted driving.