ATLANTA, GA – To help North American transportation and logistics firms address changing regulations and rising costs, ROAMWORKS USA is building on its market-leading asset management platform — ROAM — to deliver customized applications specifically for fleet tracking and asset management. With the new features and functionality, operators of service fleets, tanks, trailers and a handful of specialty niche markets, customers can more quickly respond to economic trends and legislative mandates that threaten to impede efficiency.

“The high cost of fuel and maintenance combined with changing regulatory requirements are driving businesses to nimbly react and uncover more and more real-time information about their operations,” explains Gary Page, President of ROAMWORKS USA. “Our ROAM-based applications shed light on things that can really impact fleet efficiency such as fuel consumption, driver and traffic delays or the general maintenance of a vehicle. The software acquires critical vehicle, asset or driver details, consolidates it into an easy-to-read report and funnels it to other business systems that create a comprehensive view for more accurate decision-making.”

Additionally, ROAMWORKS’ business and software engineers are working with clients to create a number of unique features including turn-by-turn reporting, fuel tax reporting and other functions integrated into the application that comply with emerging legislative and regulatory requirements affecting this industry.

With ROAM (Remote Operational Application Management), an open platform that allows for unprecedented flexibility and control, ROAMWORKS has established new expectations about what telematics can do. ROAM enables businesses to retrieve, process, and manage data from any asset, using any device, and then seamlessly integrate that data with any legacy business system. What’s more, ROAM makes it possible to use any combination of communications networks (i.e., satellite, cellular, WIFI, RFID) for optimal efficiency, economy, reliability and range.