ITASCA, IL – EMKAY, Inc. announced the official launch of a new service transaction authorization platform utilizing a solution from Auto Integrate, a specialty provider of leading-edge ecommerce solutions. EMKAY selected Auto Integrate’s industry leading electronic authorization platform to streamline their customer’s maintenance transactions through the EMKAY Maintenance Control Programs.

EMKAY and Auto Integrate change the way that preventative maintenance and repairs are filtered through EMKAY’s system and thousands of maintenance shops around the nation. The system utilizes an expanded service code hierarchy that enhances line item detail for each repair to support more detailed maintenance reporting.

Some of the key processes that will be enhanced are:

• Automated Preventative Maintenance authorizations within pre – established parameters means that an estimated 70 percent of jobs are authorized immediately without the need to telephone EMKAY

• The interaction between the vendor and EMKAY is much more electronic reducing the number of phone calls and wasted productivity while on hold waiting for an authorization

• Validated billing and streamlining the payment and invoice reconciliation processes of both parties, –result in reducing invoice rejections.

“We are pleased to be the first Fleet Management Company to select the Auto Integrate platform” stated Greg Tepas, President and CEO for EMKAY, Inc. “The streamlined electronic maintenance authorization platform between EMKAY and our maintenance providers, ultimately translates into greater cost savings for our clients who use our maintenance products. The value-add will be exceptional to our clients, repair facilities, and EMKAY, particularly as more shops in our network use this as their platform.”

“Auto Integrate has been developed specifically for the U.S. fleet and automotive service industry and provides a new methodology for fleet management companies and fleet suppliers to streamline existing transactional workflows and benefit from increased operational efficiency. It adds a new dimension to the way fleet management companies and their suppliers interact,” stated Terry Bartlett, Founder and CEO for Auto Integrate. “The service enables fleet management companies and suppliers to work with all of their trading partners on a single platform that is fully integrated within their existing business systems.”