GARDEN GROVE, CA -- Teletrac Inc., a 24-year veteran award-winning GPS fleet tracking and telematics software provider, announced its support of a new fleet management report released by the Aberdeen Group, an esteemed research firm that covers the GPS fleet technology sector.

The report, entitled “Fleet Service 2012: GPS and Fleet Management,” provides data analysis covering the relationship between fleet management and GPS technology. The report studies the positive effects of GPS product features, such as turn-by-turn navigation, vehicle routing and location-detection capabilities, on the fleet management industry in respect to fuel economy, safety issues, location information, and government compliance issues.

The Aberdeen group found that leading organizations were more likely to be integrating GPS technology in their field service scheduling, routing and vehicle management processes and were able to consistently experience an 80% and more level of overall vehicle utilization. In addition, these organizations were also able to improve driver safety, increase reporting capabilities and support better maintenance for their vehicles.

Sumair Dutta, vice president and principal analyst for service management at the Aberdeen Group, noted that the report possesses a concrete finding: location technology increases fleet productivity. “The use of maps, directions, and traffic or other data can greatly impact the speed of service” for fleet managers, he said.

Despite the positive impact GPS solutions have on productivity and fuel consumption, the report noted that less than a quarter of organizations are leveraging location information from their fleets. As the report highlighted, “better vehicle and route management can go a long way in reducing usage costs while ensuring a higher level of customer satisfaction.”

Dutta also noted that organizations are becoming more interested in fleet management solutions that can integrate vehicle diagnostic information in addition to increasing fleet safety and security. As Dutta commented, “resource visibility is more than just a point on the map” for successful fleet companies.

“Partnering with the Aberdeen Group and Nokia to support this independent fleet management and GPS tracking research was an easy decision for Teletrac,” said Michael Jarvinen, vice president of marketing for Teletrac. “The arguments for fleet automation software are extremely compelling. As a category leader, Teletrac understands the importance of educating the marketplace about fleet data and technology integration that help drive cost savings and revenue.” 

To learn more about the Aberdeen report’s findings, or to access the “Field Service 2012: GPS and Fleet Management” report, click here

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