QUINCY, MA -- The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and SAE International are co-hosting the 3rd Annual Electric Vehicle Safety Standards Summit on Oct. 18 at the COBO Center in Detroit. The program will address electric vehicle safety issues related to codes and standards.

A reception will take place on the evening of Oct. 17, which includes admission to the SAE Convergence 2012 Exhibition.

“Stakeholders have made significant progress in addressing safety issues and making improvements based on discussion points of the two previous summits, but there is still more work to be done,” said Christian Dubay, NFPA vice president of codes and standards, and chief engineer. “The collaborative efforts expected at this year’s forum and the follow-up from it will once again move the needle in the direction of safer implementation of electrical vehicles.”

Speakers and attendees include vehicle manufacturers, governmental agencies, standards-developing organizations, and first and second responders. The program will focus on safety codes and standards and other key areas aimed at improving awareness and knowledge of electric vehicles and supporting their successful integration into society.

“In today’s world of advanced technology, much quicker progress can be achieved by collaborative efforts,” explained Jack Pokrzywa, director of ground vehicle standards for SAE International. “We look forward to this next summit and continuing cooperative work with NFPA in the area of battery safety by engaging a wealth of SAE engineering expertise.” 

 NFPA has a long history of commitment to electrical safety as developer and publisher of the National Electrical Code since 1911. The NEC sets the standard for the safe use of electricity and electrical installations. NFPA also coordinates the Electric Vehicle Safety Training project, a nationwide program to help firefighters and other first responders prepare for the growing number of electric vehicles on the road in the United States.

For more information about the summit, visit http://www.sae.org/events/nevss/ or www.EVsafetytraining.org/summit.